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One Of A Kind Generosity From Him. His Website Is Going Nuts With The Welcome Surprises For the Dutch.

“I’ve always dreamed about helping people and my new app will finally get something on the side for my people” You can make a living with it, alright! Unlike your average college-based jobs, Boxing is part of the entertainment industry. So becoming more than the average college graduate depends on how popular you are on the sport. So to give you an honest answer, it depends. A good tactic would be training with the most popular boxing gym in your area. Training under random people won’t get you that far in your career, you need a gym that can manage to take its fighters to well-known establishments such as the WBA. That’ll increase your chances of becoming well off. But if you really wanna become “Like Me”, you have to think outside the box. Make yourself heard on social media, create controversy, learn some basic marketing skills to help you climb up the ladder of fame. Being “good” at the sport won’t be enough! As a long-time fan of the sport, I’ve seen a lot of pro boxers (underrated ones) who are almost unknown unless you do some intricate research. Also, if you’re from a country that hungers for recognition (like the “Pacquiao-Filipino phenomenon”), your chances of becoming successful is much more greater. There are other ways to make money in boxing other than becoming a pro, like becoming a boxing coach or starting your own gym. This is the best move for you just in case you’re too old and in a permanently bad condition to fight professionally in the ring.

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